Cacique born in Kingston Jamaica, migrated to the US in 2008 where he then pursued a musical career. Arriving with his guitar, $20 in his pocket and aspirations for the American dream he sat off on a journey most would succumb to. Cacique (Craig Thompson) was his mothers only son of three children. His passion for music came to him as a young boy when he joined a theatrical group in Kingston called the Area Youth Foundation (AYF). His first taste of being on stage fueled his passion even more after discovering his natural ability to command an audience. Cacique in his younger years in AYF performed for many dignitary figures in Jamaica and England where they were invited by Prince Charles in 2001 to perform for him at a grand Galla. After leaving the group Cacique picked up the guitar at age 18. With only two strings he on his first guitar he wrote many songs developing his song writing ability. Now an established Muscian on Orlando Fl. and a player of multiple instruments without any formal schooling, he now leads the Shamanic Rootz performing as a solo artist and with his band all over the Americas. You can catch him at local bars and restaurants in Orlando his home town, captivating the hearts of his listeners with his soulful melodic voice or look out for him on the road with the Shamanic Rootz.